Bisp Registration Check by CNIC Online – 2024 New Update Guide

Bisp Registration Check by CNIC Online

Bisp Registration Check by CNIC Online 2023 Complete Guide

Online Bisp Registration Check through CNIC is now very easy for all Pakistanis. Government of Pakistan launched a new 8171 online portal to check eligibility of families and distribute cash assistance to right women. The establishment of up to 600 tehsil offices for BISP program registration is a sign that Pakistan is fighting inflation for destitute and deserving women from the poorest households across the country and their families. And providing them monetary assistance and other beneficial Support. If you are already registered then you are able to check your details online in 8171 BISP Portal, for freshers who have not registered, they have the option to check their eligibility online and register themselves in BISP.

For Becoming a part of Benazir Income Support program Get Step-by-Step Guide by reading this Article.

Bisp Registration Check By CNIC Online Eligibility Criteria.

Only those families are eligible for the Bisp program who have monthly earnings under $67 Dollar. According to estimates, this is 20,000 Pakistani rupees at that time in these families also the same family will receive the amount of BISP program which is headed by a needy and independent woman, widow and divorced. If they are either mentally ill or disabled they also have the right to getting help from this Organization. This woman needs a Pakistani CNIC for Proceeding Registration because by this CNIC number she will be able to register in the Bisp 8171 Program and receive the Bisp Kafalat Support amount.

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Pakistan’s Declining Economy and rising inflation have created huge problems for a middle-class and poor families which has affected every worker and poor. In fact also the Transgenders came under this storm so following this, let us also mention that transgenders can also be registered in the BISP program.

Let us quickly tell you that the government of Pakistan has not yet introduced any online platform to register in the BISP program. To be a part of this program, you have to go to your nearest Benazir Income Support office and get yourself registered. We also mentioned the easy to guide steps for registering in the Benazir BISP Program. Follow the Article

How to Check CNIC in BISP (Eligibility & Entry Step-by-Step Guide).

There are two procedures available for checking whether you’re eligible for this program or not and both are Different and easy to proceed.

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BISP 8171 Eligibility Check By SMS

When The BISP program was launched there was only one process available to know the details about Applying in BISP and surely this method is also good and it take a short time, but using these methods you just able to check your eligibility for the BISP but you Can’t get your registration done using these Steps or methods. There is another procedure for registration

1. Check by SMS To BISP 8171 Official Number.

  • First Step you need a one Mobile phone with the Pakistani SIM Card.
  • Second thing you need to know is a Benazir Income Support Official Portal Code or Number which is 8171.

The procedure is you need to send Your Fourteen Digit ID card Number to the BISP 8171 Official Number, In a short time you’ll receive a msg from the Bisp Official Number in this message they tell you, you are Acceptable for this program or not.

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Don’t Worry we also tell the other method how you’ll be able to enter yourself in Program if you’ll receive the Message You are not Eligible for this program.

Note: This will work only for Needy and Actually which one needs this support not for others because in this process Bisp 8171 Program registration Office will Investigate with the Poverty Scorecard Fully who have applied for Registration and after investigation or checking Family background They will allow You.

2. BISP online registration check by CNIC

If you are updated and know the use of internet, the process of checking is very easy for you. Recently the Government of Pakistan launched the 8171 Web portal. For checking registration of eligibility online by your Pakistani CNIC. Just go to the 8171 web portal and put your CNIC number where they ask and enter. This is a very easy method checking your Bisp registration eligibility Check Online by your CNIC using 8171 Bisp Official Web Portal. You just need a normal Internet connection and follow the simple Steps we told you above. You can also check there below, by putting your CNIC Number.

Pakistan has a majority of poor and middle class and most of them are people who have no knowledge about technology and internet and there are some families who don’t even have a mobile phone. Now there can be two reasons for this, either they cannot afford the expenses of a mobile phone, because it has become very difficult to feed themselves and their families in this era of inflation, so how will they afford it, also that can happen they don’t know how to use a mobile phone.

Our Request is this: If anyone sees the same case, it is our job to help such needy people and inform them fully about how this program works. This will not cost us anything, but it will help a needy family

3. Registration in BISP Process Guide.

You will need some personal documents to enroll yourself in the Benazir program. You will have to go to your nearest office with these documents.

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • If they have a disabled child or person in their family, they should have a certificate issued by a competent hospital.
  • If the woman is divorced. They may need a legal divorce certificate.
  • If she is a widow, her husband’s death certificate is required.
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BISP Check Balance Online By CNIC

After fully registering in this program, your account will be opened on BISP 8171 portal. All your data will be managed from this account and all updates will come to you from your account. Now you’re able to receive Bisp Support Cash to your Bisp Wallet. There are two Methods for checking your BISP Balance. One is Checked by sending SMS on 8171 and the other way is you’ll check your BISP Balance Online by CNIC.

BISP Payment Check by CNIC

For Checking your Balance and payment check by CNIC online you need to follow these Steps.

  • Go To (BISP 8171 Portal).
  • After Going, In First Column Enter Your Pakistani CNIC Number.
  • In the second column they will ask for Captcha. This is for security purposes only. You just have to write the numbers you see in front of you exactly in the space provided
  • After that, your last step will be to hit the “معلوم کریں ” button.

After doing all this you will be provided with all the information about your account.

BISP new payment check by CNIC

Checking whether your BISP payment has reached your account or not is very easy. Actually when a new payment is sent to you from the Bisp Program you’ll receive an automated Message from the 8171 Code. But sometimes due to sms reaching problems the user can’t get notification about the BISP new payment. Then you have to check the BISP new incoming payments yourself through your CNIC.

Steps for checking BISP new payments through you CINC.

  • Create a new message from your Mobile Phone SMS Option.
  • Write Down Your 14 Digits Number Pakistani CNIC Number.
  • Now, Send this message to benazir income Support Official Portal Number and code 8171.
  • In a Short time You’ll receive your account Balance and more further details by SMS from 8171.


Families headed by poor widows, divorced women. Whose family has no male and no source of income or whose monthly income is less than 20000. The Government of Pakistan launched the BISP program to help them. The objective of this scheme is to identify such families and provide financial assistance to them. But to participate in this scheme you have to register for the BISP programme. For the registration you need to go to the nearest Benazir income Support Office or Center with Some of your Personal Documents. These documents will be used to assess your eligibility for this program. After Completing some process your BISP 8171 Portal Will be enabled and you’ll be able to receive your Bisp Payment monthly-to-monthly in Your Account.

Frequently Asked Questions about BISP 8171 Online Registration Check in 2023:

Q: Is it possible to check BISP registration online using a CNIC?

A. Using your CNIC you are just able to Check Your Eligibility For The Program but for registration you need to go to the BISP Office.

Q: Can I verify BISP eligibility online?.

A. BISP Eligibility Check Online is now very easy. Just go to the 8171 Web Portal and Put your CNIC they tell you you’re eligible or not that’s it.

Q: How can I use the BISP CNIC check to verify my eligibility for the program?.

A. Send your 14 digit CNIC number via SMS to 8171 to know if you are eligible or not.

Q: How can I check my BISP payment status?

A. You’ll be notified automatically via SMS when your BISP account receives any new payments from the BISP. In addition, you can SMS on 8171.

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