Overview of ECP / Election Commission of Pakistan الیکشن کمیشن آف پاکستان

Chief Election Commissioner

The Election Commission of Pakistan is an administrative authority responsible for conducting elections fairly and honestly. ECP consists of mainly 5 members. The main member is the chief election commissioner, who must be an ex-senior judge of the Supreme Court, a technocrat, or a senior Civil Servant.

عام انتخابات سے قبل 13 جولائی ووٹ اندراج، منتقلی یا کوائف کی درستگی کے لئے آخری تاریخ ہے. اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر 8300 پر بھیجیں اور ووٹ کی معلومات حاصل کریں. ووٹ درج نہ ہونے یا کوائف میں غلطی کی صورت میں فوری متعلقہ ضلعی الیکشن کمشنر کے دفتر جائیں

The president of Pakistan appoints the Election Commissioner for 5 years. The other four members are chosen from each provision, KPK, Balochistan, Punjab, and Sind. Election Commission Act 2017 is being followed with necessary amendments for voting today. You can get all the information regarding the election today from the official Election Commission website or the Election Commission office.

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Information about Elections

Everyone is curious about the date of the General public elections in 2023. I will guide you in simple wording about the election date. As you know, our kpk and Punjab assembly (Provincial) have already been dissolved. If the national assembly completes its tenure till 13 August 2023, general election-23 Will be held within 60 days ( before 10-13th October). If the national assembly is dissolved before the tenure ( before 13 August), the election will be held within 90 days. It means the election of 2023 will be held before 10 November in any case.

Check your Registration for vote / 8300 SMS services

As all the political parties have started the voting campaign, Voters must know their registration status. You can check your registration status and poll location by sending your valid CNIC number without dashes to 8300. An automatic response in the form of an SMS will be sent to your mobile number regarding your voting area, government Vote, and serial number. The last date to change your voting credentials is 13 July.


Election Commission Complaint form Download

If you have any Queries regarding your voting area, Serial number, or voter registration list, visit “www.ecp.gov.pk” and download the complaint form.

Election laws and Rules

The parliament approved the 2017 election act 2017. Various amendments have been made in it to ensure transparency. According to the latest 50s rule, it is necessary to appoint returning officers for RO form so that elections cannot be rigged.

According to rule-50, the District Election Commissioner will provide a list of proposed polling stations within 7 days after the appointment of returning officer. The first amendment was made on the 18th in Act, 2017 act according to which the nominated candidate will be certified that they he believe in the Holy Prophet PBUH that is the last prophet. The second amendment was made on 23 November 2017, in which Ahmadies or Qadyanis cannot vote for Muslim candidates.

Check your vote through SMS 8300

You can check your vote status by sending Nadra card number to 8300. Never put hyphens in your CNIC Number, and use your registered Sim.

8300 SMS for Vote

General Elections 2023 Date

The electoral process is the key tool in the continuation of democracy. Transparent and high-quality elections not only strengthen democratic government but also support economic development. You can find your nearest election station and it’s number by visiting the official site of ECP.

Hours for voting in today’s election 2023 are 9 hours. Send your national identity card number to 8300 to find your polling place near you for coming voting tomorrow. General election 2023 will be held within 60 days after 13 August 2023. If PMLN does not Complete its tenure and dissolve the national assembly, an election will be held within 90 days. The general election of 2023 consists of two types of elections.

  1. Provincial assembly election
  2. National assembly elections

Read the following table to understand the seat distribution in the national assembly.

Numbers of seats141613916312272

There are 272 seats for which different political parties will compete. Sixty seats are reserved for women and 10 for non-Muslims. Any political party that win more than 171 seats i.e (its means 172 or more) will form the Federal government.

Local Government Election

Many of you are curious about what local government is. These are the local elections for each province to fill the seat of chairman and vice chairman of the Union Council. Click on the given link.

“www.ecp.gov.local.com” to read the schedule of local government elections.

What are Senate elections?

The name Senate comes from ancient Romans, meaning Assembly of well judged people. The senator Makes and shapes laws and checks the challenges the work of the government. The Senate consists of 104 members, Out of which 17 seats are for women and 17 for technocrats and ulama. The parliament of Pakistan (Majlis Se Shura) consists of the Upper house (Aiwan e bala), also called the Senate, and the lower house, National Assembly (NA) and president.

The president can summon a meeting of both houses and dissolve the national assembly on the prime minister’s advice. The presidential election depends upon both houses as well as the Provensional Assemblies. The members of Senate elections are elected for 6 years. The election of senate will be held no later than 3rd March 2024. The current leader of the upper house/ Senate is Ishaq Dar (PMLN), who is finance minister. The current opposition leader in the Senate is Shahzad Wasim from PTI.

Total members of the Election Commission of Pakistan

There are five total members. 1. chief election commissioner and provisional Election Commissioner for each Provision. Sikandar Sultan Raja currently works as chief election commissioner.

Qualification and Appointment of Commissioner

The president appoints the chief election commissioner. The chief election commissioner must be an Ex senior justice of the Supreme Court. Provisional Commissioner Must be an Ex-senior judge/ senior Civil Servant or technocrat retired from BPS 22.

Hours for voting

The voting time of the 2023 election process will be 9 AM to 5 PM and can be varied according to ECP.

Punjab provisional election 2023

There are 371 seats in the Punjab assembly, 297 general seats and 66 seats for women, and 8 for non-Muslims. Provincial elections will be held along with the national assembly election not later than 13th October to 10th November.

Election Commission allows the symbol to political parties

On Tuesday, ECP allotted symbols to 127 political parties. The PTI, PPP, and PMLN symbols are Bat, Arrow, and Lion. Get More Information.

Election Commission candidate list

 visit the following link to see the candidate list competing for the general election 2023.” list-of-political-parties.

Election commission App

In Collaboration With the IT Department, ECP has launched an app by which you can find your gov Vote status and polling location.

Eligibility/ qualification criteria for election as MNA ( Member of NA)

  • Age 25 years are more.
  • Pakistani citizen.
  • Having good character.
  • is his education must be at least M.A (Master’s degree)
  • is her what registered in national assembly consistency.
  • If a member is elected to Senate, his age should be at least 30 years.

Eligibility qualification criteria for election as MPA

  • Age greater than 25 years.
  • Pakistani citizen.
  • Having Islamic knowledge and good character.
  • At least a BA education.
  • His\her vote was registered in the Provisional assembly constituency.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Arif Alvi is the current acting President.

The government manages a country’s administrative affairs for three months and provides an environment for fair elections.

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