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Kisan card

Kisan Card program was launched by the government to support small and marginal farmers and provide them with easy access to credit and other financial services. The card is issued by various financial institutions and can be used to withdraw cash, purchase agricultural inputs, and pay for other farming-related expenses. Farmers can apply for the card by providing their land records and other relevant documents to the issuing bank.

Farmers are the true pillars of the Nation. They work hard from morning to evening and throughout the night to grow different types of crops for themselves as well as for the whole Nation. On the instruction of the prime minister of Pakistan, the government of Punjab started Kisan card online registration.

This initiative provides subsidy on fertilizers and seeds to decrease the financial burden on farmers. You can avail of all the Kissan Card benefits through Kisan debit card online check. This scheme has helped farmers in getting Subsidy on fertilizers and seeds.

Kisan card online check

Pm kisan card online application has been started. If you want to know about farmer card information or kisan card activation i will guide you. After biometric verification, all registered farmers can open their accounts at any HBL Konnect shop. Those who are not registered can register themselves in the office of the Agriculture Department.

How to get kissan card | Registration for kisan card online Pakistan

The Punjab government has started Kisan card registration online in Punjab, Pakistan. If any farmer wants Registration for Kissan cards, he needs to visit the office of the Agriculture Department. Remember that Kissan card registration is free of cost. The Farmer will be informed about his kisan card by sms service on his number. After registration, the Farmer must open an account in any HBL Konnect shop.

Kisan card app

The Kisan card has been allocated to 215000 farmers. Click on the following link to download the app.

Kisan credit card eligibility

All those Farmers who are owners of the land are eligible. Kisan card 8070 check online/ online check provides agriculture credit facilities to the farmer to increase farmer productivity. This card scheme has supported the concept of financial inclusion so that rural development and Agriculture sector development can Proceed. Land ownership is the basic requirement to be eligible for the Kisan card 8070 scheme.

Kisan credit card apply online 

If any farmer is not registered yet, he must visit his nearest Agriculture Department, where his credential will be checked. After being registered, he can open his kissan card account in any HBL Konnect shop. He needs to deposit Rs 500 in his account, and an SMS will be delivered to his mobile SIM number about the delivery of kisan program card.

Agriculture extension services offered technical assistance on agriculture to the farmers. It includes many agricultural inputs so that crop productivity can be enhanced.

Kisan card Punjab

Kisan card registration check 8070 provides fertilizer seed and gram subsidy due to financial destabilization in our country. It has become difficult for farmers to buy costly Fertilizers and seeds. The government of Punjab has stepped forward to assist the farmers by providing Subsidy for fertilizers and seeds.

Small and marginal farmers.

The most important factor to mention here is Crop Insurance coverage, in which an agreement is signed between an insurance company and a farmer. A farmer Pays a small amount to the company, and in return, he can claim his loss of Crop for any reason, either financial disaster or burn.

You can check all the Punjab Fasal Bima program details by clicking the link.


Kissan card subsidy

When your Kissan card message is delivered to your number, you can receive it from the assistant director of office or Deputy Director office of agriculture. E-voucher systems provide a subsidy on seed, Fertilizer, and grams. A voucher has been provided for each bag of fertilizer seeds. Farmers send this voucher code along with his National identity card number to 8070, and the subsidy was received.

  • Subsidy on DAP per bag 1000 PKR
  • Subsidy on cotton seed per bag of 1000 PKR
  • Subsidy on pesticide spray per acer 1200 PKR

Kisan card benefits

This initiative provides multiple benefits to the farmers.

  • Storage and marketing facilities so that crops can be used and saved for a longer time
  • Affordable credit for farmers at low-interest rates.
  • Small loans are given through Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTLB). Under flexible Repayment term, it has helped to increase the productivity of small and marginal farmers.
  • Access to Credit: The Kissan Card allows farmers easy access to credit and loans from banks and other financial institutions. Farmers can use the Card to get credit at lower interest rates than different loan types.
  • Subsidies on Agricultural Inputs: Farmers can avail of subsidies on various agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and other farming-related products.
  • Insurance Coverage: Kisan Card holders are eligible for insurance coverage for crops, livestock, and other agriculture-related assets.
  • Discount on Agricultural Products: Farmers can avail of discounts on various agricultural products, such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, using their Kissan Card.
  • Convenience: Kissan Card is a convenient way for farmers to access financial services and make payments for various farming-related expenses. They can use the Card to withdraw cash, purchase, and pay bills.
  • Government Benefits: The farmer Card provides access to various government schemes and benefits for farmers, such as subsidies, loan waivers, and other financial assistance.

Which banks are associated with kisan card in pakistan

Various banks and financial institutions in Pakistan are associated with the Kissan Card program. Some of the major banks that offer Kisan Cards are:

  1. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  2. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  3. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  4. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  5. MCB Bank Limited
  6. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL)
  7. Bank Al Habib Limited
  8. Sindh Bank Limited
  9. The Bank of Khyber
  10. BankIslami Pakistan Limited

These banks offer Kissan Cards with different features and benefits, such as credit facilities, insurance coverage, and subsidies on agricultural inputs. Farmers can approach these banks to apply for a farmer Card and get access to various financial services and benefits related to agriculture.

Kisan card helpline number

For more detail, you can dial the following number

Registered Farmers can open their account at any HBL Konnect shop after biometric verification.

You can apply online through kisan card app.

 yes you can apply by using the kisan card app.

Visit the banks official website select Kisan credit card and fill the application form and press submit

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