Mobile Number Portability

Mobile number PORTABILITY Pakistan was initiated in 2007. It ables cellular user to Retain their mobile number Despite changing the network. Mobile number portability online operates through short code SMS service for smooth porting of subscribers to the other networks.

نادرا کی طرف سے اہم سہولیات

1- SMS your car’s chassis number to 8521, you will know if your car is stolen.

2- SMS your ID card number to 7000, you will know that no fake card has been created.

3- SMS your ID card number to 8300, you will know whether your name is in the voter list or not and where.

4- SMS your ID card number to 668, you will know how many SIMs are on which network on your ID card.

5- Write ATL before your ID card number, after that send space to 9966, you will know whether you are filer or non-filer.

6- SMS your ID card number to 8009, you will know your family tree installed.

7. SMS your ID card to 1166 and you will know whether you have been vaccinated or not.

8. You can check your health card by sending your number to 8500.

9. 1166 for Karuna

10. 9780 for health facility card

11. 8171 for Ehsaas Registration

اگر کسی کے نام پر غیر قانونی طریقے سے کوئی سیم رجسٹر کی گی ہے اور وہ نام سے ختم کروانا چاہتے ہیں مکمل طور پر بند کرونا چاہتے ہیں آپ کے شناختی کارڈ پر کتنی سیم رجسٹر ہیں اور کون سے نیٹ ورک کی ہیں جانیا کے لیے اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر 668 پر مسیج کریں

  • To get the information required for number portability request (NPR) generation, the 667 message service is used.
  • To ensure the consent of changing the network, 763xx SMS services are used. If you want to change your current network, then type network, then put <space> and write the number and send it to 76367. Many people need confused about whether they can change their newly ported network. Remember that the minimum subscription period (MSP) is 60 days.
  • You cannot move or switch to another network for 60 days. You can only check the porting status if you send a text from that Sim registered to your own National Database and registration authority (NDRA) card.
  • You can check your MNP status by sending the status <space> mobile number (03451234567) to 76367.

How to check CNIC number with mobile Number

If you are finding the answer to the above question, then don’t worry. You are on the right page.

  • To check the ID card number to which your SIM is registered, send a blank message/ or type any word to 667.
  • Ufone user can check the cnic number by dialing *336#.

Why is a CNIC card compulsory?

If a child is born in Pakistan and his parents are Pakistan citizen, then a 13 digits unique code is issued to that child in the form of b-form. When a child becomes an adult, the same number is transferred to his CNIC card at 18 years old. The CNIC card issued by Nadra is proof of the Pakistani nationality of that specific individual.

Uses of CNIC

  • To cast your vote for your right.
  • Obtaining medical license.
  • For driving license.
  • Ownership of land or vehicle.
  • To open a bank account.
  • Obtaining a Pakistani passport.
  • To get a mobile SIM number. The Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) issues all Sims.

How to check phone numbers with CNIC?

If you want to check how many Sim are registered to your cnic, then follow the given steps.

  • Open the text message on your mobile.
  • Write your CNIC number in the text message portion.
  • Please send it to the 668 code, which is the SIM information.

System 668 code

  • You will receive a text message from 668 about all SIM numbers registered to your on CNIC.
  • Remember to send your card number from that sim registered to your Nadra card.

How to check CNIC numbers by sim?

You can check your ID card number by sending a blank text message to 667.

  • Open the right message portion on your mobile.
  • Send <Blank> message to 667.
  • An automatic response from the 667 SMS service will come regarding your national identity card.
  • A Ufone network user can check by dialing *336# from the dialpad of their mobile phone.

How to check the biometric verification status of your sim?

If you want to know whether your Sim is verified through biometrics, then.

  • Send a blank message to 7751.
  • A reply regarding your BVS will be sent through 7751.

How to block promotional messages from all Networks

PTA has introduced new feature to block all the irrelevant messages from all networks.
Type ‘Reg’ in text message portion and send to 3627.
All messages will be blocked

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