Sila e Fun Program

If you hear a voice within you, say you cannot do that, then, by all means, try to do that activity. The voice of hopelessness and negativity will be silenced. Every child is an artist, but problems arise when an artist gets older and unable to entertain anymore. Many artists, like poets, writers, painters, and media persons, become unable to bear expenses when they get older.

Therefore, the Government of Punjab has started an initiative with the help of the Punjab social protection authority (PSPA) to reduce income insecurity among older people. Our country has no pension scheme for the elderly compared to other countries where good policies have been made to support the older ones financially.

Punjab Sila e fun Program Registration

Sila e fun Program is an unconditional cash transfer. PSPA has narrowed the gap of financial problems of elderly artists who have served the country for more than 25 years in their field. Silla e fun program registration has been started in 36 districts of Punjab. It will provide a social Pension of 5000 PKR to elderly artists due to their notable contributions in their fields like film industries, TV, literature, poetry, and journalism.

The Program covers all 36 districts of the Punjab province in Pakistan. These districts include:

Dera Ghazi KhanFaisalabadGujranwala
LodhranMandi BahauddinMianwali
MultanMuzaffargarhNankana Sahib
Rahim Yar KhanRajanpurRawalpindi
SialkotToba Tek SinghVehari

Each district has designated Ehsaas Centers where registered individuals can collect their cash assistance or other benefits.

Ehsaas silla e fun Program online check

Ehsaas Sila Fun program check online 2023 has been started for the elderly artist so that they can meet their daily expenses themselves. If you are an Artist and are above 50 years, you can get Rs 5000/ month through this ehsaas sila e fun Program. Click on the following link to read all the details of this initiative

Silla a Fun Program Eligibility

Click on the given Link to check your eligibility scheme online “” enter your valid CNIC number and press the check eligibility button.

To be eligible for this scheme following criteria must be fulfilled.

  • Age > 50 years ( پچاس سال سے زائد عمر آرٹسٹ )
  • Experience of 25 years of work in the field
  • Monthly income less than 15000 rupees ( پندرہ ہزار ماہانہ سے کم آمدن )
  • valid CNIC holders
  • Resident of the district selected in the Program.

اگر آپ مندرجہ بالا اہلیت پر پورا اترتے ہیں اور آپ کا ریکارڈ موجود نہیں ہے تو اپنے اندراج کے لیے قریبی آرٹس کونسل سے رابطہ کریں۔

The primary goal of the scheme is to improve the social inclusion of elderly artists and to reduce their economic dependency so that their socioeconomic will not be compromised. Elderly females can get Rs 2000 each month through the ba himmat Buzurg Program.

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